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Powerful Design Tools

Design the layout of your dungeons using powerful node based systems. Create key-locks, teleporters, cyclic paths and much more!

Node Based Layout Designer

Design the layout of your procedural dungeons using the flow editor. Then create an infinite number of procedural dungeons that follow this layout rule. Create cyclic-paths, key-locks, teleporters, shops, treasure rooms, boss rooms and much more

Cyclic Paths
Define paths for your procedural dungeons. They can branch out of an existing path, and can optionally merge back into another existing path
Key-Lock System
Define multiple key-locks. The keys and locks can be assigned to different paths. The system will always create a playable level
One-way Doors
Some doors would be strategically promoted to One-way doors so the player doesn't bypass a locked door and enter from another path
Built-in support for teleporter. They work with the key-lock system and the keys or locks can be placed behind the teleportered paths
Item Spawner
Spawn any type of items on the world (like NPCs, treasure chests, power-ups etc) using the theme engine
The flow graph is initially designed in the abstract layout graph. Then the result is trasferred over to a tilemap, which is then used to build a 3D dungeon using the Theme Engine
Procedural Foliage / Noise Overlays
Create noise based overlays on top of your dungeon. These are great for foliage, trees, large cave like rock formations etc. Use a noise based elevation system to decorate the tiles around the dungeon

Graph Grammar System

This system lets you stitch together pre-built rooms based on a procedural graph. These graphs are generated using Graph Grammar rules, an intuitive and powerful way of designing your dungeon layouts. It gives you complete control on the layout and opportunities to rewrite and grow the graph as needed

Graph Grammar Editor
Design, Visualize and Debug your graph grammars in one integrated editor
Stitch pre-made rooms
Design rooms in individual prefabs. Define stitching points which will be replaced with either a door or blocked off with a wall. This gives the artist tremendous control over the design of individual rooms and is a great blend of procedural generation and artistic control
Key-Locks / Teleporters
Easily add support for Key-Locks, Multikey-Locks, Teleporters, and much more.
Level Design
Design your own set of gameplay graphs and keep your players engaged without making your game repetitive. The sample contains keys and treasure rooms guarded by miniboss rooms, shops, teleporters etc. Each graph generates an infinite variation of dungeons that honor the specifed layout rules

Theme Engine

A new way to build your levels using an intuitive node based system

Theme Editor

Design the visuals of your level using a node-based system. Drop in prefabs (like mesh, lights, NPCs, destructibles etc) from the asset browser and link them up

Swappable Themes

Swap out the theme asset with another one to give a completely different look to your levels. Share and reuse theme files across different projects and with team members

Live Preview

Preview the generated dungeon in realtime as you design and modify the theme graph. This helps you iterate faster and increase productivity

Extension Points

Hook into the theme engine and customize further with your own scripts (selection rule, transform rule, spawn rule etc)

Generation Methods

Dungeon Architect supports different dungeon generation methods. Here are some of them

  • Grid Flow Builder

    Node-based Dungeon Path Designer

    The Grid Flow Builder offers a rich set of tools to control the flow of your dungeons and item placement. Create cyclic paths, key-locks, teleporters, foliage, trees, elevation maps and much more

  • Snap Builder

    Stitch pre-made rooms using Graph Grammar

    The Snap Builder offers complete artistic control on designing the rooms. The rooms are stitched together using a powerful Graph Grammar rule editor, offering you complete control on the procedural layout of your dungeons.

  • Grid Builder

    Customizable Procedural Generator

    Procedural dungeon generator with interesting features like height variations and other extension points.
    (Art asset in the video is not included)

  • Snap Grid Flow Builder

    Stitch pre-made rooms using Flow Graphs

    Combines the best of both the worlds. Stitch pre-built snap modules using a 3D grid flow graph. Create multi-floor dungeons, side scrollers, top-down dungeon crawlers and much more with this powerful new builder

  • City Builder

    Build Procedural Cities

    Create procedural cities with roads, houses (of different sizes) and much more. Use the power of the theme engine to decorate your cities (Art asset in the video is not included)

  • Mario Builder

    Side Scrolling Platformer

    A simple side scroller for your platformer games

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Dungeon Architect comes bundled with tons of samples to help you get started. Visit the LaunchPad in the editor to browse the samples

  • Game Sample: Grid Flow

    A game sample with key-locks, treasure rooms, shop and a lot more

  • Game Sample: Shooter (Cliff)

    Shooter game demo with NPC AI, runtime navmesh, runtime dungeons etc

  • Game Sample: Shooter (Candy)

    Shooter game demo with NPC AI, runtime navmesh, runtime dungeons etc

  • Game Sample: Jack Rabbit

    2D Game demo with NPC AI, runtime navmesh, runtime dungeons etc

  • Runtime NavMesh Generation

    When creating a different dungeon everytime you play, you'll need a way to generate navigation mesh at runtime

  • Mirror Volume

    Mirror your dungeons to create symmetric levels. These are great for strategy games, multiplayer games etc

  • Landscape Transform

    Transform the landscape around the dungeon, while retaining the existing geometry across different dungeon rebuilds

  • Asyncronous Building

    Build a large dungeon over multiple frames

  • Infinite Dungeon Framework

    Create Infinite dungeons, building them in chunks as necessary

  • Spatial Constraints

    Powerful node based editor to theme your dungeons based on the surrounding objects

  • Blend Static geometry with a procedural dungeon

    Blend your static art assets with a procedural dungeon in a predictable manner

  • Mario Dungeon Builder

    A mario style builder for your side scrolling platformer games

  • Theme: Manastation MultiStory Dungeons

    Theme created using ManaStation's beautiful Multi-Story dungeons asset (art not included)

  • Theme: Moba Theme

    Theme created using MK4's Moba asset (art not included)

  • Theme: 3DForge Village Interior Kit

    Theme created using 3DForge's Village Interior Kit asset (art not included)

  • Theme: TaD Sewer Level

    Theme created using 3DForge's TaD Sewer Level asset (art not included)

  • Theme: Graveyard Theme (Mk4)

    Theme created using MK4's Graveyard asset (art not included)

  • Theme: Gaia

    Dungeon built on a Gaia landscape (art not included)

  • Theme: Desert City Theme (Mk4)

    Theme created using MK4's Desert asset (art not included)

  • Theme: City Buidler 3DForge Village Exterior

    Theme created using 3DForge's Village Exterior Kit asset (art not included)

  • Theme: Toon City (Mk4)

    Theme created using MK4's Toon City asset (art not included)

  • Theme: Candy

    Theme created using the bundled Candy asset

  • Theme: Interior Stone (Mk4)

    Snap dungeon created using ManaStation's Lordenfel asset (art not included)

  • Theme: Interior Stone (Mk4)

    Theme created using MK4's Interior Decoration asset (art not included)

  • Theme: Interior Wood (Mk4)

    Theme created using MK4's Interior Decoration asset (art not included)

  • Theme: Moba Theme (Summer)

    Theme created using MK4's MOBA Summer asset (art not included)

  • Theme: Moba Theme (Winter)

    Theme created using MK4's MOBA Winter asset (art not included)

  • Theme: Top Down (Mk4)

    Theme created using MK4's Top Down Dungeons asset (art not included)

  • Theme: Village Exterior (3DForge)

    Theme created using 3DForge's Village Exterior Kit asset (art not included)

  • Theme: Toon Cliffs

    Theme created using free art assets

  • Floor Planner

    Floor planner builder demo (experimental)

  • 2D GridFlow Theme

    2D Grid flow theme built using free art assets

  • Simple Maze Builder

    Simple maze builder example

  • Decorate Dungeon Outskirts

    Decorate the area outside the dungeons using custom rules. These are great for adding backdrops

  • Mesh Merge Feature

    Merge meshes into larger chunks using the built-in mesh merger

  • Large City Blocks

    Place larger buildings (like stadiums, parking lots etc) using the city builder

  • Medivial City

    Medivial strong hold Theme created using free art assets

  • Circular City Builder

    Circular City builder (experimental)

  • Launch Pad

    Browse more samples from the Launchpad, our built-in sample browser

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What does the Unity version's Per-Seat License mean?
The license follows the same usage rights as mentioned in the Unity Asset Store's EULA.
Per seat means that use is exclusive to the named user assigned to that seat. In the case of an individual END-USER, the named user is that individual; if END-USER is a company or any other business, each seat license must be assigned to, and may be used exclusively only by, one (1) specific individual employee of that company or other business
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The license follows the same usage rights as mentioned in Unreal Engine Marketplace EULA
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No, this is not an open-source software and you are not allowed to redistribute the code in its current or modified form. You can however modify the code in any way you like and keep the changes. You may share the changes with other users who also have a license. (Your team can setup a shared repository and modify DA, as long as everyone has a license)
What do Free Lifetime Updates mean?
All future updates of Dungeon Architect will be available for free to existing customers

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