Change Log - Dungeon Architect for Unreal Engine

Version 2.32.5

  • Critical Fix Dungeon Canvas was causing standalone builds to fail while cooking
  • Fix Fixed various code warnings while cooking
  • Fix SGF Module database no longer crashes if the connection actor was placed to close to the bottom of the chunk (with door offset set to 0)
  • Fix SGF Module database uses a soft object pointer to reference the module bounds assets, to avoid cooking issues in stand alone builds

Version 2.32.4

  • Critical Fix Rebuilding the SnapMap dungeons was crashing the editor, if any one of the room chunks were previously selected in the editor
  • Fix SGF dungeons replicate their actors correctly. So if you place a replicated turret actor in a room chunk, it would replicate correctly on all the clients
  • Fix SGF FPS flow graph sample content had it's Start / End room category incorrectly set, which was not spawning the player correctly in the spawn room
  • Fix Multiple Snap based dungeons in the same map were breaking replication. Implemented better hashing to avoid module ID collision
  • Fix SGF Dungeon Layout bounds returned by the Dungeon Model didn't calculate the dungeon's upper bound correctly

Version 2.32.3

  • Critical Fix The Config folder was not deployed correctly in the last update, which caused blueprint errors in the samples, and some assets were not being recognized correctly.
  • Critical Fix Dungeon Canvas was crashing the editor when exiting out of a map with world partition enabled
  • Fix Actors tagged as HiddenInGame were incorrectly made visible by the Level Streaming system when it came back to view. The original HiddenInGame flag is now retained correctly, while making the room chunk visible.
  • Fix The Spawn Items node was sometimes spawning (MaxCount + 1) items due to a rounding error. The value is now clamped to Min/Max
  • Fix The Spawn Items node in the flow framework uses the SpawnDistributionVariance correctly
  • New SGF Item fitness calculation has an early bailout system so it doesn't take too like if it cannot find a module with enough placeable markers to spawn the items. This makes the dungeon build faster
  • New Access the generated dungeon Bounds from the Dungeon Model object. Dungeon Actor > Get Dungeon Model > Get Dungeon Bounds

Version 2.32.2

  • Critical Fix Snap and SGF modules level files could not be saved due to an editor only object inside the Connection actor
  • Fix Crash issues when the Level streaming model accesses stale level module pointers

Version 2.32.1

  • Fix SGF algorithm performance improvements. Rewrote the bin packing algorithms used for module selection and is no longer slow in some cases when a large number of items are spawned

Version 2.32.0

  • New Unreal Engine 5.4 support
  • New Dungeon Canvas - A powerful new dungeon minimap framework, with fog of war, visibility, multiple floor support and much more. Find more info in the release notes.
  • New Level streaming code has been upgraded to use UE5's Level Instance feature. This makes the streaming more stable and efficient. This upgrade propagates to Snap Grid Flow and Snap Map dungeon builders
  • New Removed Snap Persistent dungeons flag, as they are not needed anymore with the new Level Instance feature. You can now save your snap dungeons that were generated in the editor.
  • New Grid Builder's system system rewrite. It generates high quality results without any artifacts. Please refer the docs for more info
  • New Old Dungeon minimaps have been removed and will be superseded by Dungeon Canvas. Dungeon Canvas minimap demos are available for all builders (Dungeon Architect Content > DA_Canvas_Demo)
  • New Negation volume works with SGF builder and GridFlow builders. Use this to control the growth of your procedural dungeons. This can be used to blend it with your exist static world geometry
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Supply different themed snap modules in the module database. This allows you to create different themed dungeons. These are great for creating simplified low-res 3d minimaps of the dungeon, or you may switch between two timezones, futuristic / medieval dungeon with different art styles
  • New New documentation website
  • Fix Renamed the C++ structures FCell and FCellDoor to a namespaced prefix like FGridDungeonCell, so they don't collide with other plugins that might use the same name
  • Fix SnapFlow and Flow graph assets are exposed to blueprints
  • Fix SGF flow graph Create Path node had an incorrect category assigned in the last node in certain cases
  • New Grid builder's Clustered Theming setting has it's height variation flag set to false
  • New PlaceableMarker's C++ function GetAllowedMarkerNames has been made virtual for extensibility

Version 2.31.1

  • Critical Fix Flow Graph samples were crashing the engine due to deployment issues on the previous build (missing Config folder in the plugin directory)
  • New Grid Flow Transform logic blueprints have the marker transform as input

Version 2.31.0

  • New Snap Connection Selector Blueprints - Apply this blueprint on your snap connection theme graphs. These blueprints give you access to the two room category it connects to and are great for selecting special doors for certain rooms (like boss / treasure rooms)
  • New Dungeon Streaming Events - Any actor inside the snap modules can listen to dungeon chunk streaming events (loaded, unloaded, visible and hidden) by implementing the interface DungeonStreamingChunkEventInterface
  • New Dungeon Streaming Actor Serialization - Save the state of any actor in a snap chunk while loading / unloading by implementing the interface DungeonStreamingActorSerialization. Check the SaveGame flag on any variable that needs serialization
  • New SGF Procedural fill sample. Create only the main rooms (like boss, treasure, shop and spawn) and have the rest of the space in between procedurally generated
  • New Run Marker Emitter blueprints either before or after the pattern matcher, thereby controlling access to the marker on the other system. If you want the marker emitter blueprint to have access to the pattern matcher emitted markers, run it after the pattern matcher executes
  • New SGF Module Selector blueprints allow you to select or filter out the modules before being placed. E.g. Add (or don't add) the pillar variation of the room depending on whether there's another room on top of it
  • New Snap Map builder supports module rotation on individual modules (similar to SGF), instead of having a single global flag to allow / disallow rotation of modules
  • New Node Coordinate input has been added to the Flow Graph Module Category selection blueprint. This allows you to decorate your dungeons based on where they are (e.g. a different look on each floor, or a different room type on the edges)
  • New Grid Flow Query has a new node to return connected chunk node coords, to allow traversal across the flow graph
  • New SGF sample that uses the new module selector to add pillars if there's another module on top of it
  • New Blueprint node DARecreateActorInLevel to recreate actors from snap module level to the persistent level. If you have dynamic actors that are part of a snap module (e.g. a weapon that you can pick up or an NPC), it would disappear when the level streams out. Use this node to recreate the actor in the persistent level
  • Fix Theme Engine crashed in some instances when nested markers were used on larger theme files
  • Fix Landscape Modifier class's properties are exposed to blueprint

Version 2.30.0

  • New Unreal Engine 5.3 support
  • New SnapMap Custom Module Bounds Shape - Define snap module bounds using custom shapes, allowing for new adnvaced level layouts
  • New Multi-Mesh Theme Node - Drag multiple mesh assets into the theme editor to create a Multi-Mesh theme node. A random mesh from this list would be selected
  • New Flow Graph Branch Selection - Select different paths in your flow exec graph to add randomness to your game
  • New New Minimap Framework - The Mini Map framework has ben rewritten. All builders can write to a unified 2D minimap framework. Snap based dungeons support 3D minimaps
  • New Snap Connection Entrance and Exit Constraints. Setting a door constraint to Entrance would ensure that we do not exit the room from this door. These are great for puzzle games
  • New Pattern Matcher rule graph has a new MarkerListExists node that takes in a list of markers and performs a logical OR on it. This reduces the number of nodes you need to create
  • New Procedural Marker Emitters
  • New Procedural Transform Rules - These are built-in rules that are used frequently. Apply these to your nodes, without having to create them everytime
  • New SGF City Sample - A large drivable city built using the Snap Grid Flow builder
  • New Spawn Logic function has access to the dungeon's Random Stream object. Use this for any randomness, so all clients generate the same dungeon everywhere
  • New Custom Dungeon Item Folder Name - Spawned dungeon items are placed in a certain folder. Override this folder name using the UseCustomItemFolderName setting
  • New Support buttons (for Discord, Forums and Docs) added to the dungeon actor details window and on the toolbars of all the editors
  • New The Builder class drop down on the dungeon actor shows a custom widget with more info about each builder
  • CRITICAL FIX Drag drop assets from the content browser on to the theme editor was not working and has been fixed
  • Fix Reduced the Samples folder size by half by optimizing the assets. This should reduce your download time
  • Fix Theme nodes's Transform rule, Selection rule and Spawn logic gets disabled if their corresponding enabled flag is unchecked
  • Fix Flow Editor's preview viewport's shadows were pitch black in 5.2+. Added a SkyLight to brighten the scene
  • Fix Reduced the download size of Dungeon Architect by half, by optimizing the sample assets
  • Fix SnapMap Dungeon Rotation / Scaling works correctly. Transform the dungeon actor and rebuilt
  • Fix Theme editor's marker visualizer was not rendering correctly
  • Fix Fixed a bug in SGF link when connecting different paths together
  • Fix Theme editor's actor node was not setting the transform correctly
  • Fix Removed experimental tag from the fast cell distribution on the grid config. This was causing the settings to be disabled in the editor
  • Fix Some sample blueprints had compile errors and has been fixed
  • Fix Fixed a dungeon deletion bug where actors were destroyed while being traversed
  • Fix Fixed the SGraphNode hard reference warnings in debug mode
  • Fix Fixed a crash issue in the theme editor's procedural mesh
  • Fix Fixed compile errors on Linux
  • Fix Build / Destroy dungeon buttons set the map state to dirty so it can be saved correctly
  • Fix Dungeon Models cleanup correctly when the dungeon is destroyed

Version 2.29.0

  • New Unreal Engine 5.2 support

Version 2.28.0

  • New Unreal Engine 5.1 support
  • Fix Grid Builder's Pattern Matcher works correctly when the dungeons are spawned away from the origin
  • New Layout Graph Visualizer for Grid Flow dungeons
  • New Internal improvements to the flow framework to make it more extensible
  • Fix SGF debug layout visualizer renders correctly when the dungeon is built away from the origin

Version 2.27.1

  • New City Builder correctly supports rotation. Rotate the dungeon actor to have the city orient itself along the actor's transform
  • New Documentation for Pattern Matcher
  • New Pattern Matcher Editor's "Layers" panel has been renamed to "Patterns". Layers are now called patterns
  • Fix Modifying the Pattern Matcher's Pattern properties in the details panel correctly auto-updates the preview viewport
  • Fix Pattern Matcher rule node's Exec pins were rendered incorrectly as normal pins (UE5)
  • Fix Pattern matcher works correctly with the city builder
  • Fix Theme editor crash fix in rare cases due to a stale pointer

Version 2.27.0

  • Fix Fixed all FGCObject warnings and errors while trying to package the project
  • New Grid Flow Item placement gives you more control on the placement of the objects (random placement, edges, center etc)
  • New Grid Flow Item placement has a flag to avoid placing items (enemies, keys etc) near doors
  • Fix Grid Flow crash fix while building the dungeon at runtime. This was caused due to a stale pointer in some cases
  • Fix Changing the Theme Editor's builder class correctly adds/removes marker nodes for that builder
  • Fix Theme Editor's pattern matcher viewport crash fix while selecting an actor in some cases

Version 2.26.0

  • New Unreal Engine 5.0 Support
  • New A powerful new feature called Pattern Matcher has been added to the Theme Editor. This allows you to decorate your levels in ways that were not possible before
  • New Launch pad sample themes created using the free marketplace asset "City of Brass"

Version 2.25.4

  • CRITICAL FIX SGF dungeon no longer repeat the same rooms throughout the dungeons
  • Fix SGF Non-Repeating rooms feature works correctly, use it to avoid having the same room stitched next to each other
  • Fix Support for multiple SGF dungeons in the same scene, destroying an SGF dungeon no longer affects the other dungeon
  • Fix SGF flow debug visualization renders correctly when dungeons are built away from the origin
  • Fix Removed the redundant Supports Door Category flag from the module database. This flag should be set in the SGF dungeon config instead
  • New Sample demoing the Non-Repeating rooms feature: DungeonArchitect Content > Samples > DA_SnapGridFlow_RoomRepetition

Version 2.25.3

  • Fix Remove warning message dialog box on standalone builds, the previous version didn't fix this in the marketplace version

Version 2.25.2

  • Fix Remove warning message dialog box on standalone builds

Version 2.25.1

  • CRITICAL FIX Previous version had Launcher deployment issue. Please update to the latest version from the launcher
  • Fix SGF dungeons were creating non-deterministic results, when built for the first time

Version 2.25.0

  • New Support for UE5-Preview1 added
  • New Fixed Linux compile errors
  • New Theme Editor mesh nodes have a Use Custom Collision flag. The spawned mesh's collision will be overridden only when this flag is checked. This fixes an issue where custom collision channels were overridden with default collision values
  • Fix Fixed CDO material not found warning dialog box on Standalone server builds
  • Fix Fixed all warnings related to uninitialized variables shown in the log files
  • Fix Fixed compile errors while packaging the project
  • Fix [UE5] Removed old toolbar panel from all editor windows and replaced it with the newer ones. This removes the Unrecognized tab error message
  • Fix [UE5] Flow Editor's performance panel toolbar renders correctly

Version 2.24.0

  • New Snap Grid Flow module stitching can now optionally attach only to other doors with the same category. This opens up lots of possibilities for interesting level designs
  • New Refactored the Flow framework to make it more extensible for new types of dungeon builders in the future
  • New SGF dungeon config has a new flag SupportsDoorCategory. Use this to enable door category based stitching, which is more computationally expensive. Keep this disabled if you don't need this feature
  • New Removed EarlyAccess tag from the GridFlow and SnapGridFlow builders

Version 2.23.3

  • New Support for Linux
  • New Theme engine mesh physic properties are set correctly on the spawned meshes. The mesh theme nodes have a new proerty for physics settings
  • New SGF builder supports selector and transform logic when spawning items in the theme editor
  • Fix Theme edtior crashes in some cases while setting runtime viewport mode

Version 2.23.2

  • New Experimental: SnapMap dungeons can be built entirely on the persistent level without level streaming. This allows you to bake lightmaps and treat it like any other level. Note: Cross actor references are not supported
  • Fix ProtoTools meshes were saved in a higher unreal engine version which was causing cooking errors in 4.26 and 4.25

Version 2.23.1

  • New Experimental: SGF dungeons can be built entirely on the persistent level without level streaming. This allows you to bake lightmaps and treat it like any other level
  • New Get the GridFlow Dungeon Bounds from the query interface
  • Fix Fixed crash issue in some cases while level streaming a SGF dungeon
  • Fix Fixed crash issue when accessing a GridFlow query interface function GetAllChunksOfType
  • Fix Fixed crash issues on dedicated server builds when using minimap render targets

Version 2.23.0

  • New Unreal Engine 4.27 Support
  • Fix The theme engine doesn't spawn replicated actors on the client
  • Fix Fixed crash issues on dedicated server builds when using minimap render targets
  • Fix Snap Grid Flow modules were rotate incorrectly in some cases
  • Fix Ending a PIE session with the snap dungeon in it was crashing the editor in some cases
  • Fix Compiles correctly on Linux
  • Fix Fixed a null pointer issue in grid flow builder debug draw function
  • Fix City landscape transformer bug fixes (wip)
  • Fix Adjusted the size of the generated debug sgf visual nodes

Version 2.22.0

  • New Level Streamer has Chunk Load / Unload bind events. Use this with the snap based builder to perform actions after a module is streamed in
  • New OnDungeonBuilt event returns a success flag indicating if the dungeon was built successfully
  • New Double click a node in the theme editor to focus the 3D viewport to an actor that was spawned with this node
  • New Selecting a marker node in the theme editor (Ground, Wall, Door etc) would show where the objects needs to be placed. These are great for aligning the meshes
  • Fix Destroying snap map dungeons at runtime was crashing the engine

Version 2.21.3

  • Fix Destroying a SnapMap dungeon at runtime was crashing the engine
  • Fix Building a SnapMap dungeon when a valid graph was not generated was crashing the engine
  • Fix Some theme engine static mesh attributes was not set on dungeon rebuilds

Version 2.21.2

  • Fix Previous snap assets were not being auto-upgraded to the new version. Fixed the deployment configuration that contained the upgrade information

Version 2.21.1

  • Fix Running Standalone games was crashing the editor

Version 2.21.0

SnapGridFlow Builder

  • New A powerful new builder that supports snap modules on a 3D grid flow graph. More info here
  • New Side Scroller Game sample using the new SnapGridFlow builder

Theme Editor

  • New Added support for comment nodes in the Theme Editor
  • New Moved the theme engine related files to the framework folder
  • Fix Fixed a crash issue in the theme engine in some rare cases

Grid Flow

  • New Rewrote the key-lock system for the flow editor. It produces better quality results
  • New Implemented teleporters in the CreatePath node. It works with the key-lock system
  • New Blueprint logic controls the creation of the nodes in the flow layout graph
  • Fix Fixed key-locks in grid flow when walls as edges option was used
  • Fix Fixed a flow abstract graph connection bug with the sink and head nodes were the same

SnapMap Builder

  • New Snap Connection Editor has been redesigned to have its own Theme editor for the doors / walls
  • New Snap map has an option to stream in the Spawn Room first. This helps with gameplay as it would also stream in the PlayerStart actor
  • New Improved the UI/UX of the Snap Map Editor
  • New Added colors to the snap nodes
  • New Removed the old blueprint based Snap builder. This has been deprecated for the past 2 years and has been replaced with the more advanced SnapMap builder
  • Fix BSP Geometry works correctly on snap modules
  • Fix Snap Connection use the Category value for stitching modules with similar connections, instead of the asset reference
  • Fix Snap Editor Performance Analyzer UI bug fixes

Level Streaming

  • New Added an alternate streaming strategy based on distance
  • Fix Fixed a streaming bug where all the modules were loaded at start
  • New Moved level streaming configuration to a separate category in the Dungeon actor. It was previously in the Advanced section, not it is in the Level Streaming section


  • New Redesigned the Dungeon Architect context menu for asset creation
  • New Proto Tools has new materials with different color palettes
  • Fix Fixed hanging issues when adjusting the Floor Planner configuration
  • Fix Fixed Floor Planner outer wall alignment issue
  • Fix Fixed a missing include that was causing compile issues on Linux
  • New Disabled legacy plugin header format during builds in the Build.cs files
  • New Added a blueprint function to check if the actor belongs to a certain dungeon actor
  • New Authority Function check in the BP Function library for selector logics

Version 2.20.1

  • New Added 4.26 engine support

Version 2.20.0

  • New Grid Flow builder supports walls as edges. This allows you to have thin walls around the edge of the tile. (similar to the grid builder)
  • New SnapMap builder supports build retries. When a dungeon fails to build with the specified grammar rules, it would try to rebuild (similar to the gridflow builder)
  • New SnapMap editor has various UX improvements. There's a new Build button on the toolbar. Removed unused buttons from the execution panel's toolbar
  • New SnapMap editor's result graph panel auto-zooms to fit the graph on screen after being built. This can be turned off from the settings button in the toolbar
  • New SnapMap Performance Analyser. Run your SnapMap dungeon thousands of times in memory and analyse the performance in a graph (similar to the gridflow builder)
  • New Refactored the SnapMap builder code by moving the build logic out of USnapMapBuilder to a separate reusable class library
  • New Grid Flow editor's settings has a new field for specifying parameter overrides
  • New Blueprint library function to spawn dungeon owned actors. These spawned actors automatically get cleaned up when the dungeon is destroyed
  • New Grid Flow tilemap renderer shows a outline around the caves. This also shows up in the minimap
  • Fix Dungeon Draw Editor Mode shows up correctly in 4.25
  • Fix Grid Flow editor's dungeon preview has proper sky lighting (no more black shadows)
  • Fix Grid Flow fence were sometimes not being spawned
  • Fix SnapMap builder no longer crashes when built with an empty flow graph
  • Fix Grid Flow ParameterOverride feature properly parses string arrays. (e.g. overring the list of paths to spawn an item works correctly)

Version 2.19.0

  • New Engine 4.25 support added
  • New The Snap Connection editor uses Advanced Preview scene in the 3D viewport, so lighting works correctly and doesn't have dark shadows

Version 2.18.1

  • Fix Level streamer fires the InitialChunksLoaded event correctly only after all the nearby initial chunks are loaded (and not just the chunk that the player is standing on)

Version 2.18.0

  • New Negation Volume support in SnapMap builder. This allows you to build your dungeons constrained inside a certain area, or avoid building it at certain areas
  • New Launch Pad Sample - Multiplayer enabled SnapMap dungeons
  • New Launch Pad Sample - Build SnapMap dungeons constrainted inside a certain area (using Negation Volumes with Reverse flag)
  • New Launch Pad Sample - Build SnapMap dungeons while avoiding certain area (using Negation Volumes)
  • Fix Fixed a crash issue when dungeons were built at runtime with landscape modifiers

Version 2.17.0

  • Critical Fix Fixed a crash bug in stand alone builds when using the snap map builder and level streaming
  • New Grid Flow Query system to query the dungeon for gameplay and theme building. Video
  • New Grid Flow Query samples in the Launch Pad
  • New Refactored some of the editor content path from PluginContent/* to PluginContent/Core/*. Added a CoreRedirect in Config/DefaultDungeonArchitect.ini to auto-fix reference issues in assets

Version 2.16.0

  • New GridFlow Exec node parameters can be set at runtime from blueprint. Video
  • New Performance Window in the Grid Flow Editor allows you to run thousands of tests on your graph and visualize the number or retries required to build the dungeons. Video
  • New Support for static Start room position in the Grid Flow Builder. Video
  • New Changed the GridFlow's room size from a number to Vector2. Instead of square Rooms (NxN), you can now specify width and height (WxH). Video
  • New Build GridFlow dungeons aligned with the Dungeon Actor at the center or at the tip of the tilemap. Video
  • New Added a flag to enable tilemap cropping in the Initialize Tilemap node. This will crop the tilemap around the dungeon layout, if enabled. This was previously enabled, and is not disabled by default. Video
  • New SnapMap builder has a flag to disable module rotation. These are great for isometric / platformer levels
  • New Level Streamer has a bindable event to notify when all the initial chunks around the player has been streamed in. These are great for builders like snap map where the player needs to be spawned after the initial modules are streamed in. Check the sample in launchpad: Samples > Snap Map Builder > Snap Runtime Demo
  • New Dungeon Builder object has a GetRandomStream blueprint function to access the random stream
  • New Launchpad sample entries have relavant documentation button
  • New Launchpad has new samples for GridFlow and Snap Map builder. SnapMap samples no longer require you to download external assets. Clone it directly from inside the editor
  • New GridFlow assets have thumbnails
  • New Added a new entry to view the ChangeLog in the Launch Pad's Documentation section
  • Fix Fixed Snap Map level streaming issue while re-building the dungeon. The previous dungeon modules properly get unloaded before building the next dungeon
  • Fix Fixed an Initialization warning while packaging the project
  • Fix Grid Flow Exec Graph context menu's "Abstract Graph" category has been renamed to "Layout Graph" for consistancy
  • Fix Exposed the Grid Flow Item info as ViewOnly in the details property window
  • Fix Disabled Collision on all dungeon volumes (except MarkerReplacementVolume, which is set to OverlapAll)

Version 2.15.0

  • New Grid Flow Builder, a powerful new feature to control the flow and design of your dungeon layouts
  • New Browse samples and templates using the new LaunchPad window
  • New Added a new DA button in the level editor's toolbar to open the LaunchPad window
  • New Updated Level Streaming framework to support multi-player
  • New Snap Flow Editor's backtracking in the Debug View shows a blue outline around the active module
  • New The plugin contains all the samples content that can be accessed from the launchpad, and no longer requires a separate download from the quick start guide
  • New Removed all starter content dependencies from the samples
  • New Updated DA Logo in the editor mode's window
  • New Removed the HelpSystem module and merged it with the Editor Module
  • Fix Fixed compile errors in Visual Studio 2019

Version 2.14.2

  • Fix Fixed streaming issues in the Snap Map builder when the Flow Editor's Debug view is opened
  • New Flow Editor's Debug mode's backtrack steps hilights the current module node in blue color

Version 2.14.1

  • Fix Fixed an issue which was causing standalone build creation to fail
  • Fix Collision profile set in the theme editor's mesh node properly propages to the instanced meshe dungeons (HISM)

Version 2.14.0

  • New Added 4.24 Engine support
  • Fix Fixed a stability issue in the Dungeon Flow editor's visualize tab
  • Fix Snap Map builder now takes into account the connection constraints (magnet, male, female)

Version 2.13.2

  • New Added 4.23 Engine support
  • New Save / Load custom state while the dungeon is being built. This allows you to track the no. of objects spawned (by setting or incrementing a variable) and later checking against it from selector / transform / spawn blueprints
  • New Added HTML5 support

Version 2.13.1

  • Fix Fixed unloading issues with the snap map builder's module levels. This was causing issues while saving maps and taking up memory
  • Fix Actor replication in snap map modules were not working correctly

Version 2.13.0

  • New Major upgrade to the Dungeon Flow editor with the new Visualize and Debug tabs on the top right. More info here
  • Fix Pasted markers in the theme editors were not being deleted in some cases

Version 2.12.0

  • New Added 4.22 Engine support
  • New Added weights to theme override volumes so if they overlap, the volume with the larger weight gets its theme applied
  • New Theme editor has an option to force rebuild the preview viewport's dungeon layout, which will be a little slow but more accurate, in case of custom marker emitter blueprint usage
  • New Removed Apex Destructible plugin dependency from Dungeon Architect and the custom Destructible mesh node support. However, destructible meshes are still supported. (Drag drop your destructible meshes on the theme editor)
  • Fix Paint mode now properly shows the colored layout, which was not being shown in some cases
  • Fix CityBuilder adds large city blocks (greater than 3x3) correctly
  • Fix Marker emitters on custom placed platforms (using platform volumes or painted cells) were having their Z registered incorrectly making objects float on air
  • Fix Improved the debug draw's performance in the theme editor's viewport window

Version 2.11.2

  • Fix Fixed a packaging issue on older engine versions by performing a check while shutting down the plugin

Version 2.11.1

  • Fix Fixed an issue where SnapMap builder was not connecting properly to duplicated connection actors
  • Fix Added Category to UFUNCTIONs to avoid compile errors while packaging
  • Fix Disabled finding of default minimap material to avoid warning popup dialogs

Version 2.11.0

  • New Dungeon Flow Editor - Design and control the flow of your dungeons using this powerful new feature using Graph Grammars
  • New Snap Map Builder: A new builder that allows you to stitch pre-made rooms together using the dungeon flow system. This builder has now been moved out of work in progress state
  • New Mini Map framework - Generate procedural mini-maps for your dungeons and decorate them with your materials. It supports fog of war, static and dynamic icons and other features
  • New Level Streaming Framework - A reusable node based level streaming framework that loads only the nearby accessible rooms on demand, keeping the framerate high
  • New Level Streaming Navigation - Optimized level navigation system that properly updates as new new chunks are streamed in
  • New Proto Tools - New Prototyping art assets to quickly create dungeon pieces and rooms for your SnapMap builder
  • New Modes Category - The modes window now has placement categories for Dungeon Architect and ProtoTools to easily find and drop related actors on to the scene
  • New Added a sample game to demonstrate the new Snap Map dungeon builder
  • New Added blueprint access to cluster themes
  • New Theme editor supports drag-drop of any type of asset from the content browser. If it doesn't understand an asset (e.g. Paper2d, Prefabricator), it would create an actor node and ask the engine to initialize the template. This removes the previous limitaion of supporting third-party plugins
  • New Theme editor shows better thumbnail for the actor node by showing the thumbs of the asset it uses. If it cannot find one, it falls back to the class type icon like before
  • Fix Fixed a null pointer issue with the marker emitter node in some cases of bulk deletion
  • Fix Fixed all level streaming stability issues
  • Fix The snap map builder generates the dungeon from the Dungeon Actor's location instead of (0,0,0)
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Grid Builder Thick Wall/Door Support - Redesigned the grid builder layout strategy to fully support thick walls and doors (i.e. walls/doors taking up one full tile, instead of an edge)

Version 2.10.0

  • New Added Engine 4.21 support
  • New Added a search field and scroll bar in the theme editor's Markers window
  • New Added a new 'Dungeon Architect' category in the Level editor's Modes panel. This lets you easily place dungeon related actors in the level
  • New Added an experimental cell distribution method in the Grid Builder. It is fast and lets you create large dungeons by specifying the dungeon width and height. More info here: https://coderespawn.page.link/jTpt
  • New The Mission graph editor's (Dungeon Flow) RHS graph grammar rule take in weights and are randomly selected based on the weights during substitution
  • New Added blueprint access to the cluster theme list in the dungeon actor
  • Fix Fixed an optimization issue with the grid builder
  • Fix Fixed a Content Browser spawn bug in the theme editor

Version 2.9.3

  • Fix Fixed a crash issue on stand alone builds due to editor only objects in snap connection actor
  • New Added IsNearMarker function back in. This function is useful for querying nearby markers in the scene from your transform / selector logic BP

Version 2.9.2

  • Fix Fixed compile issue with the snap map connection actor

Version 2.9.1

  • Fix Fixed a crash issue in standalone builds launched from the editor
  • New Level streaming supports unloading of hidden maps from memory

Version 2.9.0

  • New Added 4.20 Engine compatibility
  • New Added level streaming support on the Snap Map builder
  • New Early implementation of the Dungeon Flow system using graph grammar (mission editor)
  • Fix Improved the stability of Snap Map builder

Version 2.8.3

  • New Added 4.19 Engine compatibility
  • Fix Custom markers emitted from the theme file are visible in the event lister's OnMarkerEmitted event

Version 2.8.2

  • Fix Fixed an error while packaging the project

Version 2.8.1

  • New Restored the old snap builder and moved the new snap builder that was introduced in 2.8.0 to a separate builder named "SnapMap"

Version 2.8.0

  • New Added 4.18 engine compatiblity
  • New Redesigned the snap builder. The snap modules can now be designed in individual map files
  • New Added an editor for the Snap connections which lets you define the door and the wall meshs
  • New Added a generic graph based Level streaming framework which the other builders can use
  • New The snap builder now supports level streaming
  • New Updated the C++ code to use IWUY headers to make the compilation in dev mode faster. Since this feature is available in the engine since 4.15, the minimum compability has been changed from 4.12 to 4.15
  • New Refactored and cleaned up the landscape rasterizer code
  • New Since the APEX Destruction code in unreal engine has been moved to a plugin system, DA now references this plugin as a dependency
  • Fix Static Mesh mobility is correctly set after spawning from a mesh theme node
  • Fix Landscape rasterizer now produces correct results when the the landscape actor is not in origin
  • Fix Duplicated dungeon actors no longer destroy the meshes from the other dungeon actor on rebuilds
  • Fix Fix Snap builder door connection issues

Version 2.7.0

  • New Marker replacement volumes now run after all the Marker Emitter blueprints have emitted their markers
  • New Improved the stair connection model
  • New Refactored the SceneProvider C++ API to take in a context object
  • New Exposed the snap confiugration to blueprints
  • New Exposed the grid tool paint data to blueprints
  • New Added wall separators to floorplan builder
  • Fix Fixed a bug in the grid builder that was causing doors to not create properly in some cases
  • Fix Fixed a crash issue with the Actor theme node
  • Fix Fixed a bug with pooling where actors from another dungeon where deleted

Version 2.6.3

  • Fix Fixed a critical bug with theme files that was crashing standalone builds
  • New IsNearMarker grid query function also retuns the number of nearby markers found nearby

Version 2.6.2

  • New Added 4.16 engine support
  • New The paint tool can now also paint rooms instead of just corridors
  • Fix Fixed a bug with the paint tool now working with multiple dungeons in the same map

Version 2.6.1

  • New Added a new help system to launch the documentation links from within the editor. This can be invoked from the Dungeon Actor's details panel or from the theme editor's toolbar
  • New Added height variations to the custom grid builder
  • Fix Fixed static lightmap baking issues with instanced mesh dungeons
  • Fix Fixed a bug with PostDungeonBuild Listener Event which was getting fired before all the dungeon actors were spawned
  • Fix Fixed Spatial Constraints not working on standalone build
  • Fix Fixed a crash issue if Landscape modifier is enabled and the dungeon is built at runtime
  • Fix Fixed a crash issue with the IsNearMarker node if the builder pin was not plugged in

Version 2.6.0

  • New Landscapes can now be automatically modified (height and paint data) when the dungeon is built. Since the engine supports only landscape modification from within the editor, this works only at design time and not runtime
  • New Added a content browser to the theme editor window
  • New Theme asset files now show a thumbnail, captured from the preview viewport.
  • New Added drag drop support on the theme editor. You can now drag and drop meshes, blueprints, particle systems etc to the theme editor and a node will automatically be created
  • New Added more parameters to the Grid Transform Logic, similar to the parameters in the Grid Selector Logic
  • New Added spatial constraint on the simple city builder
  • New Selectors can now query nearby markers. These are great for not spawning blocking items near doors and stairways
  • New Added a custom grid builder that makes it easier to create your own dungeon layouts using high level blueprint functions
  • New Fixed Snap door state issues on level reload
  • New Increased the default value of grid config's Door Proximity Steps from 2 to 6 for better quality door removal by default on dungeons
  • New Added a new snap demo level in the quick start guide

Version 2.5.0

  • New Added support for 4.15
  • New Updated the road network of the City builder to randomly remove edges and create a more natural looking layout
  • New Added a new function in the Grid Query System to find adjacent cells from an edge marker (like wall / fence). New example added under DA_Misc_Examples/Maps/WallQueryDemo
  • New Added addtional parameters (Query System and World Transform) to the Grid Selector Logic for more control
  • New Increased the default stair connection tollerance from 3 to 6 for better results with the default configuration
  • New Rewritten the snap builder to use blueprints, instead of levels for modules. This greatly improves the performance and stability. Still has issues with door states and remains a work in progress
  • New Added a snap demo example with 20 modules of various sizes
  • Fix Houses in the City Builder now face the road side. House cells not accessible through roads are promoted to Parks
  • Fix Fixed initialization issues with the actor node in the theme editor

Version 2.4.0

  • New Clustered theming allows different themes to be automatically applied to different parts of the dungeon. This helps in adding variation to the level
  • New Event listeners can now modify the marker positions before they are sent to the theming engine, giving more low level control
  • New Added an experimental city builder to build simple city layouts
  • New Added variations to the city builder by randomly merging nearby city blocks
  • New City blocks of custom sizes are supported (e.g. 1x2, 4x5 etc). This helps in placing larger structures (e.g. parks, parking lots, larger buildings etc)
  • New Added a helper function in the Isaac builder to clear the styling information from specified isaac room (useful for creating large spawn / boss rooms)
  • New Added new misc examples in the quick start guide
  • Fix Fixed scaling issue with actor nodes
  • Fix Fixed physics errors with certain actors while rebuilding the dungeon. Actors spawned by the actor node are not reused on a dungeon rebuild. Instead, they are destroyed and recreated to avoid physics errors
  • Fix Dungeons spawn in the correct level when used with world composition, instead of always spawning in the persistant level
  • Fix Fixed lightmass warnings on light actors while building lighting

Version 2.3.1

  • Fix Fixed various bugs with Actors not spawning correctly from the Actor Node in some cases
  • Fix Fixed a crash issue while copying Actor nodes in the theme editor

Version 2.3.0

  • Fix Fixed a critical bug with runtime dungeons not spawning meshes properly
  • New Actor Nodes are now customizable. Blueprints or actors spawned by the Actor node can have any of their properties customized from the theme editor
  • New Added Spawn Logic Blueprints, which are attached to the visual nodes and get executed when the actor is spawned on the scene, giving more control on the customization of the spawned actor
  • New Display a "Work In Progress" warning message in the Dungeon actor's details window if an experimental builder is selected
  • New Added Documentation entries for Dungeon Architect in the editor's Help menu. The quick start guide, user guide and video tutorials can be launched from there

Version 2.2.1

  • New Added 4.14 engine compatibility
  • New Added a RemoveDuplicateDoors flag in the snap config to remove/retain the adjacent door between two snap modules
  • New Use a cleaner engine API to copy the properties of actor templates in the theme graph (for mesh and light nodes)
  • Fix Fixed navigation issues with the snap builder

Version 2.2.0

  • New Major improvements on the Snap Builder. It uses world composition to stream modules in
  • New Created a Query interface for advanced gameplay logic
  • New Added new set of examples to demostrate the Query interface (for grid and isaac builder). Refer the examples in the quick start guide (DA_Query_Examples)
  • New Added a Marker Replacement volume to detailed fine tuning of the level. You can use this to manually add / remove doors, walls etc after the dungeon is built
  • New Added foliage support to the Snap Builder
  • New Created a new type of builder named SimpleCity (Experimental)
  • Fix Various bug fixes in the snap builder

Version 2.1.11-beta.2

  • New On dungeon destroy / rebuild, unused module instances are cleaned up properly
  • Fix Fixed a crash bug by streaming in the modules in the game thread

Version 2.1.11-beta.1

  • New Snap builder now uses world composition to build the scene. This retains all the other engine features in the modules like lightmaps, foliage, level blueprint scripts etc

Version 2.1.10

  • New Added support for branch end modules in the snap builder
  • New Added a flag in the Snap Module Info actor to ignore module count when inserted into the scene. This is useful if you do not want certain types of modules (e.g. small corridors) to contribute to the overall module count
  • New The Snap door caption is now hidden while playing
  • Fix Fixed a bug with duplicate WallHalf and WallHalfSeparator meshes in the Grid Builder
  • Fix Fixed a bug where overlapping fence and walls were created with some elevated rooms in the Grid Builder
  • Fix Optimized the performance of the Snap Builder by fixing a caching issue
  • Fix Fixed a bug where the end modules were also created in the end of branches in the snap builder

Version 2.1.9

  • New Added a new Destructible Mesh node in the theme graph
  • New Major improvements to the snap builder algorithm
  • New Updated the quickstart guide with a new DeathMatch multiplayer demo
  • New Snap builder dungeons are created relative to the dungeon actor's transformation instead of starting from origin
  • New The Door editor hides the Static Mesh field when blueprint type is selected from the drop down list
  • New Added a sprite to the SnapModuleInfo actor for better usability
  • Fix Fixed a stair issue where stairs attached to redundant doors were not removed along with the doors

Version 2.1.8

  • New Added improvements to the snap builder algorithm with a better search / growth algorithm
  • New Added module info actor to specify metadata about the actors
  • New Doors can now attach only to certain types of modules, as specified in the metadata

Version 2.1.7

  • New Improved the snap builder algorithm by adding more exhaustive search while building
  • New Other small improvements to the grid builder and snap builder algorithms
  • Fix Fixed a bug in the grid builder which was sometimes causing unreachable corridors

Version 2.1.6

  • New Added 4.13 engine compatability
  • New Added a preview settings tab in the theme editor to support the engine's new advanced viewport preview feature introduced in 4.13

Version 2.1.5

  • Fix Fixed adjacent door issues with the Grid builder. Redundant doors are no longer created and it can be controlled through a parameter

Version 2.1.4

  • Fix Fixed a crash issue in non-editor build due to a bug in the SnapDoor actor

Version 2.1.3

  • New Added a Start / End Module in the snap builder for spawn and final boss fight rooms
  • New Implemented the MaxDepth parameter in the Snap builder. This lets you control how deep a branch can go from the starting point
  • New Snap Doors actors show the name of the door asset on top of them to differentiate between different door types during module design
  • New Added tooltips to the snap builder configuration

Version 2.1.2

  • New Theme editor now shows the dungeon properties by default if nothing is selected
  • New The default marker for the selected builder are automatically created in the theme editor when the builder type is changed from the properties window
  • New The snap builder connects modules together based on matching door assets.
  • New Floor plan buildings can be created anywhere on the map, based on the dungeon actor's transform (arbitrary volumes are not working yet)
  • New Ported all the quick start samples to version 2.x
  • New Created a new Quick Start guide in the new documentation platform
  • New Removed the save dialog location prompt while upgrading a version 1 theme file. The upgraded file is created in the same directory with a "_v2" prefix
  • Fix Fixed runtime generation issues with the snap builder dungeon due to mesh mobility
  • Fix Fixed breaking changes in C++ under OSX
  • Fix Fixed a bug in the cell comparison function of the grid builder
  • Fix Fixed all header compile errors in C++ if compiled without Unity build flag set to false in the build configuration

Version 2.1.1-beta

  • New Added 4.12 engine compatability

Version 2.1.0-beta

  • New Implemented the Snap Builder algorithm.

Version 2.0.0-beta

  • New Initial version of 2.0

Version 1.5.0

  • New Major improvements in the stair connection system. It has been re-written to be more robust
  • New Added selector affinity override flag, so that the selector logic can optinally respect the affinity varaible
  • New Improved the Graph node transform property editor for multiple selections. Moved the node offset to a separate category in the details view for better usability
  • New The theme file can now be referenced from blueprints. This lets you switch themes on a level during runtime with blueprints. New demo added showcasing this
  • Fix Fixed a crash issue when some actors (e.g. characters) were spawned in map using the actor node
  • Fix Fixed various bugs with doors, platform volumes and stairs

Version 1.4.0

  • New Major performance improvements in the theme graph editor. The preview scene is populated over multiple frames to avoid stalling the UI thread and making the UI more responsive
  • New Added an experimental Cave Builder. Added a cave builder sample to the quick start guide
  • New Added 2D version of the Cave Builder. Added a 2D cave sample to the quick start guide

Version 1.3.0

  • New Added a Mirror Volume for creating symmetrical dungeon layouts (e.g. for strategy /.moba games)
  • New Mesh nodes have a "Advanced Options" section for more control (e.g. for setting physics, shadowing etc)
  • New Internal refactoring to make DA more modular and extensible
  • New Created extension points to let external modules plug in new type of nodes into the theme editor (e.g. paper2d nodes)
  • New Created extension points to let an external scene provider render any type of geometry in the theme editor's viewport without knowing the implementation details (e.g. sprites)
  • New Added new demos
  • Fix Fixed a bug where static actors were not having their transforms updated when the dungeon was rebuilt at runtime
  • Fix Dynamically spawned light actors no longer give mobility warning message in the output log (fix suggested by sch5, Thanks!)
  • Fix Lights were not spawned in dungeons when it was rebuilt at runtime (fix suggested by sch5, Thanks!)

Version 1.2.1

  • New Added marketplace URL in the uplugin manifest file
  • New Added the dungeon theme entry to the "Basic Assets" section of the content browser context menu
  • Fix Fixed the plugin styling code not finding the icons on the Editor Mode tab

Version 1.2.0

  • New Improved randomness in the builder algorithm by removing repeated reinitializations on the random stream
  • New Added random stream parameter to selector logic and transform logic
  • New Added helper functions get query the room spatial dimentions
  • New Added variable lane width customization in the dungeon builder config
  • Fix Disabled threading on the builder as the layout generator is not a bottle neck but was causing issues running blueprints in a different thread. The layout is built on the main game thread and the meshes are spawned over multiple frames
  • Fix Fixed a dungeon building bug in the theme browser's preview port where the dungeon layout was not built accurately as per the config

Version 1.1.5

  • New Added a docs folder with user guide, video tutorials and quick start sample pages
  • Fix Fixed a dungeon selection bug in the editor paint mode. Users can now switch to a different dungeon to paint on by clicking on the dungeon actor in the world outliner

Version 1.1.4

  • New Added the ability to preview custom markers within the theme editor (Theme Editor > Preview 3D Viewport > Properties > Dungeon > Marker Emitters)
  • New Added helper functions to deal with cell bounds more easily from within blueprints
  • New Added the ability to preview actors in the 3D preview viewport of the theme editor
  • New Added copyright notice to source files
  • Fix Fixed a build issues

Version 1.1.3

  • New Added backward compatibility to theme files when instanced mesh scene provider is used
  • New Added a custom Marker Emission framework. Users can now emit their own markers anywhere in the scene using blueprints
  • New Added NotBlueprintable to Dungeon actor's UCLASS macro so that the dungeon actor cannot be converted into a blueprint
  • Fix Fixed a crash issue in the dungeon actor if no builder is assigned.
  • Fix Removed the base selector and transform rule classes from the drop down list in editor as they are meant to be implemented, rather than used

Version 1.1.2

  • Fix Fixed issues with game code not building due to editor specific code. Added WITH_EDITOR macro
  • Fix Fixed breaking changes with XCode clang compiler to make it work with OSX

Version 1.1.1

  • Fix Fixed instanced mesh builder crash issue
  • Fix Fixed a crash issue due to particle systems not setting their templates in the main game thread

Version 1.1.0

  • New Added billboard component to the dungeon actor
  • New Added tooltips to the various fields in the dungeon configuration structure
  • New Added tooltips to the theme graph node property fields
  • New Added undo support in the dungeon paint mode
  • New Refactored the dungeon marker emission API so users can design their own dungeon algorithms within blueprints or C++
  • New Added an experimental organic builder that works with landscapes. The layout is carved into the landscape (work in progress)
  • New Added a new button in the dungeon actor to modify the dungeon builder's properties (e.g. a user defined BP based dungeon builder can expose customizable parameters, and these can be edited from the dungeon actor)
  • New Spawned dungeon items are placed a dungeon specific folder to avoid cluttering up the scene outliner
  • New Dungeon model is now accessible from blueprints. This lets you loop through the cells and doors from blueprint
  • Fix Instanced static mesh generator now properly supports material override
  • Fix Fixed a crash issue with entering dungeon paint mode when the scene has no dungeon actors
  • Fix In Paint editor mode, the cursor is not shown when the camera is moved around
  • Fix Fixed an infinite loop error when a cycle is formed in the graph. Cycles are now disallowed by the theme graph editor

Version 1.0.0

  • New Initial version

Version 0.2.9

  • Fix Fixed breaking changes on UE4 4.9 for Windows and Mac
  • Fix Disabled the Selector instance spawner pool database. The template defined by the user is used directly. (See known issues)

Version 0.2.8

  • New Added dungeon repositioning based on the dungeon actor's offset
  • New Applying a negation volume pass early on to remove room connections from rooms that are within the volume
  • New Added reverser flag to negate the effect of volumes. This is useful to negate the negation logic (i.e. remove everything inside the volume, or everything outside the volume). Also works with theme override
  • New Since volumes cannot be spawned from the editor, added a feature to use the transform of the volume as bounds
  • New Added a base dungeon volume for all the other volume actors. Fixed dungeon height offsets relative to the actor's transform
  • New Moved grid cell lookup from the dungeon builder to the dungeon model
  • Fix Removed redundant assignment in the scene provider's constructor.

Version 0.2.2

  • Fix Changed the unique identifier used for tagging the dungeon objects. Swithced to a GUID instead of the engine assigned object id since it changes when the map is reloaded

Version 0.2.1

  • Fix Fixed a bug where empty static mesh actors were being created with null static mesh references

Version 0.2.0

  • Fix Fixed a bug where components were not properly registered in the blueprint based instanced mesh actor

Version 0.1.0

  • New Added support for Unreal Engine 4.8
  • New Paint tool for manually authoring the dungeons
  • New Support Async dungeon building and multi-threading framework
  • New Negation volumes for disallowing dungeon generation in certain areas
  • New Actor theme node to spawn interactive blueprints form the theme engine
  • New Implemented Instanced Mesh support
  • Fix Fixed light theme node rendering issues
  • Fix Fixed stair generation near doors
  • Fix Various bug fixes on Engine 4.7