Change Log - Dungeon Architect for Unity

Version 1.21.0-ea2

  • New SGF Query has new functions to query the distance between any two nodes. E.g. You may use this to query the distance to the entrance / goal nodes while spawning your enemies. Check SnapGridFlowQuery.GetDistanceFromStartRoom and SnapGridFlowQuery.GetDistanceToGoalRoom
  • New Sample for SGF Room Distance Query. Assets/CodeRespawn/DungeonArchitect_Samples/DemoBuilder_SnapGridFlow_QueryEnemy
  • New SGF Landscape Transformer Sample - Blend a terrain around your SGF dungeons. Assets/CodeRespawn/DungeonArchitect_Samples/DemoBuilder_SnapGridFlow_Terrain

Version 1.21.0-ea1

  • New SimpleCity builder supports pattern matcher
  • New SimpleCity Sample that demos larger houses (that always face the road) generated using the pattern matcher. Assets/CodeRespawn/DungeonArchitect_Samples/DemoBuilder_SimpleCity_PatternMatcher/City_PatternMatcher_StrongholdMedieval.unity
  • New SimpleCity builder supports rotation and is no longer fixed to the XZ axis. Rotate the dungeon game object and rebuild the dungeon
  • New SnapConnection script's UpdateState function is made virtual. This allows you to extend the snap connection component with you own logic
  • New Add decorative modules around your SGF dungeons using the Add Padding node. This adds new layout nodes around the edge of your dungeon, where you can place decorative background modules

Version 1.20.0

  • New Major new feature called Pattern Matcher. Capture patterns in your dungeon layout and add or remove markers around this pattern. This is a powerful system for decorating your themes, as you are no longer restricted to a single tile level decoration and can decorate across multiple tiles using your own patterns. Docs
  • Fix Grid Flow chunk tiles were leaking over to unconnected nearby chunk tiles, bypassing key-locks
  • New Navigation support to runtime generated SnapFlow dungeons
  • New Improvement to item placement strategy scripts for grid flow. It gives you more information while placing your items in the chunks
  • New Grid Flow Tilemap generation performance optimizations
  • New Define custom gridflow exec nodes using simple scripts
  • Fix Wall Half Separators were missing in certain cases
  • Fix The editor doesn't allow the Result node to be deleted
  • Fix SGF graph visualizer renders correctly for dungeons placed away from the origin

Version 1.19.0

  • New Major improvements to the Snap Grid Flow builder algorithm. The performance no longer degrades considerably when using a larger graph (more than 1000+ nodes)
  • New SGF builder now supports Door Categories. This allows you to have different door shapes and the stitching would happen only through the compatible connection points
  • New SGF builder has a parameter NonRepeatingRooms to disallow the same room prefab from being stitched next to each other (or somewhere near it)
  • New SGF Module database has improved weight selection logic. Specifying a higher weight on a certain module will have it show up more times in the final stitched dungeon
  • New Launchpad sample: SGF Non repeating rooms - Disallow the same room from being stitched next to each other
  • New Launchpad sample: SGF Door Categories - Use door categories to have different art assets for your doors (round doors, larger doors etc) and make sure only the compatible ones are stitched together
  • New Launchpad Sample: SGF Visibility Graph - Shows how to setup the visibility graph so the rooms further away from the player are hidden, thereby improving rendering performance
  • New Launchpad Sample: SGF Query Interface - Use the SGF query interface to know more about the dungeon and it's underlying graph. This sample detects the room the player is in and draws a bounding box around it in the scene view
  • Fix SGF layout graph debug visualization was not rendering correctly for dungeons not placed in the origin

Version 1.18.1

  • Critical Fix Editor code in one of the samples was causing build issues
  • New SnapGridFlow builder query interface
  • New SnapGridFlow builder landscape transformer
  • New SGF items spawned by the theme engine are placed under their respective room prefabs. This makes them hidden/visible correctly with the visibility graph. (Set the SpawnItemsUnderRoomPrefab flag in the config)
  • New SnapGridFlow landscape transformer sample
  • New SnapGridFlow visibility graph sample

Version 1.18.0

  • New Added Grid Flow Builder Query interface. Use this to decorate your grid flow dungeons in different ways (new samples added to launchpad)
  • New Mirror node for Grid Flow builder
  • New GridFlow and SnapGridFlow builders have the RetryOnFailure option exposed in configure. It's normal for dungeons to not converge on their first try (depending on how the flow graph was designed). Control the number of retries with this option
  • New Added a Grid Flow builder flag to flip the walls and fences by 180 degrees so they work correctly with themes designed for grid builder (check advanced section of the config)
  • New Snap Grid Flow builder has new nodes to expand an existing graph and add padding nodes around it. These are great for decorative rooms around your dungeon
  • New Helper function in the dungeon component to randomize the seed from code
  • Fix Flow editor's state is correctly re-initialized when it goes stale at certain events (like unity editor start, begin play)
  • Fix Grid Flow walls were not aligned correctly in some cases when the wall was shared between rooms and caves
  • Fix SGF dungeons correctly invoke the DungeonItemSpawnListener script when attached to the dungeon object
  • Fix Snap Grid Flow connections stitch correctly when they are not placed at the root hierarchy of the module prefab
  • Fix Grid Flow builder key-locks were not working in some cases where the wall mode was set to "WallsAsEdges"
  • New Launchpad Sample adds marker and theme engine support in Snap dungeons
  • New Launchpad Sample for Grid Flow Query Room Types (selectively decorate Rooms/Caves/Corridors)
  • New Launchpad Sample for Grid Flow Query Path Names (selectively decorate Treasure Rooms, Shops, Main Path, Alt Path, Key Rooms etc)
  • New Launchpad Sample for Grid Flow Mirror Node (create symmetric dungeons for your multiplayer/arena type games)
  • New Launchpad Sample for placing items at the center of a room in a Grid Flow dungeon
  • New Launchpad Sample that maintains a global state in the theme engine while building the dungeon

Version 1.17.2

  • Fix Snap Grid Flow Module bounds correctly calculates the module bounds. This was causing door connectivity issues in some cases
  • Fix Flow graph's Key-Lock system was creating unplayable levels at times and has been fixed. The system does a comprehensive check where the algorithm walks through the graph, just like how a player would, picking up the keys along the way and opening the doors. It makes sure that every node is accessible and will work with nested key-lock setup
  • Fix Optimized the performance of the path search algorithm with larger rooms and when the grid size is large
  • Fix Optimized the performance of the Snap Grid Flow Dungeon's inspector window. Unnecessary data is no longer exposed, which was causing rendering issues
  • Fix Optimized the rendering performance of the Snap Grid Flow Editor's 3D viewport. It redraws itself only when necessary and not on every tick
  • Fix Disabled the serialization of the snap grid flow graph in the dungeon model. This was degrading the performance of the editor when the dungeon was built offline. Build the dungeon at runtime if you need the model information
  • Fix Snap Grid Flow's Create Main Path and Create Path nodes were ignoring the script based Snap Module Constraints
  • Fix All sample scenes upgrade to URP correctly. Upgrade your project from the menu: Edit > Render Pipeline > URP > Upgrade project materials to URP
  • Fix Fix a null pointer error in the Snap Grid Flow editor window when the asset being editor was deleted
  • Fix Launchpad's 2D Jack Rabbit game demo sample link was broken
  • New Snap Builder has a flag to hide the duplicate doors when two adjacent modules connect. Disable it if you want two doors. This is useful on 2D tilemaps

Version 1.17.1

  • New Grid Flow builder's Create Main Path and Create Path nodes support position constraints. Use a script to control where the nodes are created in the flow graph. Sample added to the launchpad
  • New Grid Flow supports static spawn / goal room positions. This allows you to blend your static level art with the procedural dungeon. Added a new sample in the launchpad demoing this
  • Fix Module database is more fault tolerant while finding and assigning user defined connections during compilation. When your connections are off by a little, it will make a better guess of the right connection slot
  • Fix Fixed the grid builder's paint data getting destroyed on dungeon rebuilds
  • New New side scroller sample setup for snap grid flow builders in the Launch Pad

Version 1.17.0

  • New A powerful new builder called SnapGridFlow. It combines the power of the Flow and Snap frameworks and lets you stitch pre-made rooms using a powerful layout graph editor. More info here: https://docs.dungeonarchitect.dev/unity/snap-grid-flow
  • New Theme Editor marker visualizers. Click on a theme node for alignment guides. Enable it with the Marker Visualization button in the theme editor's toolbar
  • New Visibility Graph framework lets you hide snap based prefabs that are a certain depth away from the layout graph. This is great for improving the performance
  • New Grid flow code and it's supporting editor infrastructure has been rewritten into a reusable flow framework (without breaking your existing gridflow assets). This will allow for future extensibility and paves way for many interesting new builders (with snap-grid-flow being the first of them)
  • New Grid Flow editor and Theme editor nodes have had their property editors redesigned so they have a a more aesthetically pleasing look in the inspector window
  • New Redesigned the UI renderer so all editor windows are fast and responsive. This includes the theme editor, snap editor, gridflow editor and snap grid flow editor
  • New Discord and documentation buttons added to Theme Editor, Snap Editor, Flow Editor and Dungeon actors
  • New Theme editor's visual nodes have their "Force static" set to false by default. This is an editor only flag and doesn't affect runtime builds. Change your prefab's mobility to affect the static state instead
  • Fix Fixed a bug in the key-lock algorithm that was causing alternate paths to bypass the main path's lock. This issue was introduced in 1.16.0
  • Fix Fixed camera mouse sensitivity issues in the grid flow game sample
  • Fix BSP Builder saves its room IDs in a serializable structure, correctly saving the data model

Version 1.16.2

  • Fix Grid Flow editor's state got invalidated after opening a new scene or after playing the game in the editor
  • Fix Removed an unused import that was causing packaging issues in 2019.x

Version 1.16.1

  • Critical Fix Theme editor was not working due to a change in the last update

Version 1.16.0

  • Critical Fix Theme editor's Selection rule and Transform rules were broken due to a change in the last update
  • Critical Fix Snap Flow editor no longer hangs in Mac. Disabled drag-drop in the snap editor for mac builds. Use the context menu to create nodes
  • New Implemented a more robust key-lock system for the GridFlow builder
  • New Redesigned the Grid Flow editor to be extensible for future enhancements
  • Fix Improved the rendering performance of the Snap Flow editor and the launchpad
  • Fix Fixed null pointer issues with grid flow metadata handler with stale game objects

Version 1.15.0

  • Critical Fix Assembly definitions introductions in the previous version were causing errors while creating standalone builds
  • Fix Doors are created only once on the Snap builder
  • Fix Snap builder's module collision tolerance was incorrectly calculated in some cases

Version 1.14.0

  • New Assembly definitions added to Dungeon Architect code. This will compile the DA code in a separate module and will not recompile everything when you modify your game code, speeding up the code iteration cycle
  • New Spatial Constraints support added to Mario Builder
  • New FloorPlan builder has tooling for controlling the corridor placement. Demo
  • Fix Painting or moving platform volumes generates valid prefabs (instead of prefab clones, which don't link to the original prefab)
  • Fix Fixed a null pointer issue with stale link pointers in the theme graph asset

Version 1.13.0

  • New Mirror Volume allows you to create symmetric dungeons.
  • New Added a mirror volume sample in the Launch Pad window
  • Fix Fixed a null pointer issue when grid flow item markers had empty nodes
  • Fix FindLongestPath function produces correct result
  • Fix Snap builder was not generating correct bounds for some prefab types, which was causing overlaps

Version 1.12.0

  • New Added support for Unity 2D tilemaps with the snap builder. This allows you to create rooms in a tilemap and stitch them together
  • New Added Snap builder query interface. This allows you to query the rooms, doors and other snap dungeon attributes
  • Fix Fixed tool window rendering (theme editor, snap editor, grid flow editor etc) when dark unity editor theme was selected
  • Fix Fixed rendering performance issues in the tool windows (theme editor, snap editor etc)
  • Fix Disabling corridors in the grid flow builder will correctly promote chunks to caves instead of rooms
  • Fix In the grid flow builder, some of the cave tiles were leaking through the corners letting the player bypass the locks
  • New Launchpad Sample - Snap 2D sample
  • New Launchpad Sample - Grid Flow 2D sample
  • New Launchpad Sample - Snap Query Interface. Given a world position, find information about the room (bounds of the room, number of attached doors, their positions etc)
  • New Launchpad Sample - Spatial Constraints Gable Roofs sample

Version 1.11.0

  • New Grid Flow builder supports Edge Walls. This allows you to place your walls on the edge of the tile, instead of the wall taking up the entire tile. This mode will emit a WallSeparator marker as well and will allow you to reuse the grid builder's theme with the gridflow builder
  • New Grid Flow builder supports Fence and Fence Separator markers. They are emitted around the caves
  • New Disable Caves and Corridor generation in the grid flow builder
  • New Grid Flow's tilemap room size is changed from a number to a size value (width, height). This allows rectangular room creation instead of square rooms
  • Fix Fixed a gridflow minimap error which was causing the gridflow dungeon generation to fail from the editor when the tilemap exec nodes were not created yet
  • New Launchpad Sample - Grid Flow Edge Walls: Demos the new 'Walls as Edge' feature
  • New Launchpad Sample - Grid Flow Game Edge Wall: Game demo using a theme that has walls as edge
  • New Launchpad Sample - Grid Flow Simple Candy: A simple gridflow scene using the candy theme
  • New Launchpad Sample - Grid Flow Game Edge Wall: Game demo using the simple candy theme
  • New Launchpad Sample - Isaac Room Emitter: Demos a marker emitter used with the Isaac builder. It emits RoomCenter and RoomCorner markers
  • New Launchpad GridFlow Template - No Caves: A template that has caves and corridors disabled
  • New Launchpad GridFlow Template - Walls as Edge: Walls are placed on the edge of tiles, instead of taking up a full tile space
  • New Launchpad GridFlow Template - Edge Simple: A simpler version of the grid flow graph, with all the overlays and backgrounds removed
  • New Launchpad GridFlow Template - Isaac: Generates a level like in the game Binding of Isaac

Version 1.10.1

  • Fix Fixed a critical error what was causing standalone build creation to fail
  • Fix Removed 'unused variable warnings' from a sample while creating standalone builds

Version 1.10.0

  • A powerful new dungeon builder named GridFlow with a rich set to toolsets to design your dungeons (refer docs below)
  • Complete tutorial rewrite: https://docs.dungeonarchitect.dev/unity
  • Launch Pad window allows you to browse and access all the samples, a theme template library, scene template library and a lot more
  • New Marios Builder
  • New Infinity Caves builder
  • Snap Flow Editor graph panels can be resized
  • Rewrote and improved the UI library that power the various editor windows
  • Landscape transformers are non destructive. Destroying a dungeon restores the original heightmap / paint and foliage data
  • Landscape transformers no long wipe out the entire terrain data and only modify the relavant terrain data
  • Improved the landscape transformer blending algorithm
  • Fixed the city build's CityWall offset issue
  • Added a new Snap Side Scroller builder. This uses the dungeon flow graph for assembling side scrolling levels

Version 1.9.1

  • Fixed a copy paste issue with the grammar task node
  • Fixed a bug in the maze builer's start location which was causing it to be blocked off from the rest of the dungeon

Version 1.9.0

  • New Dungeon Flow Editor - A powerful new feature that gives you complete control on designing the layout of your dungeons.
    This system allows you to build color coded key-lock systems, multi-key systems, shops, secret rooms, level exits guarded by boss rooms and much room It uses Graph Grammar so you can design complex layouts with simple rules https://www.youtube.com/watch?v-IKUw_EcHYyc
  • New The Snap Builder uses the new Dungeon Flow Layout system to build the dungeon
  • New Removed Corridor Padding config parameter and replaced it with Corridor Width in the grid dungeon configuration
  • New Improved the quality of the corridor connection algorithm
  • New Added grid dungeon builder query model (query doors, cell positions, random cells etc)
  • New Dungeon layout builders can add custom metadata to spawned objects. This allows querying doors owned by a room: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v-IHNhLA72bOA
  • Fix Fixed a null pointer error in the grid builder
  • Fix Fixed mesh merge null pointer issues
  • Fix Fixed an issue where unity editor resources (like textures in the theme editor) were not reloaded if they were lost
  • Experimental: Added a new wall generation strategy for thick walls where a wall takes up an entire tile, instead of an edge. This also help with 2D levels and generates a clean layout

Version 1.8.1

  • Handled an error when building dungeons when no parent game object was specified for hosting the spawned dungeon items
  • Fixed a bug in the snap builder which was incorrectly placing "end modules" instead of "branch end modules"

Version 1.8.0

  • Made compatible with .NET 4
  • Fixed physics issues with 2018.2
  • Mesh Combining framework
  • Async Build Support
  • Infinite dungeon building framework
  • Infinite Cave Builder (with Async Building)
  • Maze builder (Experimental)
  • Room designer framework (Early WIP)
  • Theming engine code is isolated to a separate reusable library
  • Changed the underlying datastructures that store the markers, to allow for custom filter passes on the stored markers
  • Fixed a GUI style bug that was changing the font colors of the rest of the unity UI system
  • Theme Override volumes can fallback to base theme for missing markers

Version 1.7.0

  • Added a powerful node based Spatial Constraints system that opens up new possibilities for theming. More info here: https://goo.gl/FvUgt9
  • Performance improvements on the theme editor
  • Added samples to demonstrate spatial constraints
  • Added a new comment node in the theme graph editor and the spatial graph editor
  • Fixed a theme graph camera issue when no nodes were preset in the graph
  • Major refactoring of the graph editor framework to make it easily extensible with other types of graphs
  • Large houses in the simple city builder spawn only when they have road access
  • Added terrain support on the navigation builder. This allows navigation mesh to be built on terrains that host the dungeons
  • Added a PreDungeonBuilt and PreDungeonDestroy events to the event listener interface
  • Added a new layout algorithm for building circular cities (Circular City Builder). Added a new demo in the samples folder (DungeonArchitect_Samples\DemoBuilder_CircularCity\Scenes)
  • Added a road framework to create a road mesh around an arbitrary road network. This is used in the new CircularCityBuilder
  • Added a rasterization framework to draw dungeon layout in a bitmap to influence the layout

Version 1.6.0

  • Added a new experimental Spatial Partitioning Builder. More Info: https://goo.gl/csGpQ4
  • Added a new experimental builder for side scroller games (Mario Builder). More Info: https://goo.gl/bSV7wm
  • Added Start / End Module support in the Snap Builder
  • Fixed various bugs in the Snap Builder with the room connections and growth
  • Added a door category in the snap builder so different types of door connections can be used
  • All game objects that belong to a room / corridor can be grouped together into a single object. This helps with level streaming
  • Floorplan data is now available in the model object so it can be queries
  • Updated the default values of the grid configuration. Moved the Door Proximity Steps variable out of experimental and into the Misc category
  • Fixed a door creation bug where door where not being created in some cases
  • Fixed a bug with the stairs sometimes now showing up next to doors due to DoorProximitySteps removal
  • Added a new experimental non-iterative cell distribution method in the grid builder which is much faster
  • Randomly flip the width / length of the cells in the grid builder as they were being stretched along the X-axis too often
  • Fixed an issue with the grid builder's paint cursor while the mouse was being moved
  • Various Bug fixes in spatial constraints
  • Changed the Zoom In/Out of the Theme editor's graph window to be in sync with Unity Editor's UX standards
  • Theme Editor's Theme graph can be scrolled (panned) using the middle mouse button
  • Fixed a bug with the Theme Editor that was causing it to hang while loading the asset thumbnails

Version 1.5.0

  • Snap Builder: Added a new builder that lets you stitch together existing room prefabs. This gives the artist a lot of control on designing the rooms
  • Theme Editor now supports zooming. Zoom in and out on the theme graph using the mouse scroll wheel. This is useful when dealing with a large theme file
  • Added a new Game Object Array Node. This works similar to the game object node, however it takes in multiple prefabs and selects one in random. This is useful if you have a lot of prefabs and don't want to clutter your theme file with lots of game object nodes.
  • City Builder: Buildings of different sizes can be placed (2x3, 4x5 etc). This is useful for placing larger structures that are not 1x1 in size (e.g. stadiums, parking logs, larger buildings etc)
  • City Builder: Added a new road layout that randomly removes certain road connections based on a probability to create a more natural looking road network
  • Grid Builder: Fixed a bug with platform volumes where they are applied only to dungeons they belong to. This fixes issues with using platform volumes with multiple dungeons in the scene
  • Fixed an hang issue with the floor plan builder when the max room size value is less than the min
  • Tweaked the stair connection weights for slightly better result
  • Added a Bulk Replace Prefab tool in the Theme editor to quickly change the prefabs of all the nodes in the theme editor with similar named prefabs on another directory. This is useful if you want to create different variations of your themes from similarly named assets in different folders.
  • Fixed editor warnings where multiple nodes were selected in the theme editor
  • Converted the samples to "Force Text" format to avoid binary import serialization issues if your project's serialization was set to "Force Text"
  • Sample: Added a new skyscraper city sample
  • Sample: Added a new city sample with larger custom building sizes
  • Sample: Added a new multi-dungeon layout example that uses three procedural dungeons that connect to one central area
  • Sample: Added a new sample to demostrate the new Game Object Array Node

Version 1.4.0

  • Procedural Terrain painting support on the City builder. You city can be built on a terrain with roads, parks and houses painted with custom textures
  • Procedural Foliage support on the City builder. Add multiple foliage types automatically on various tiles with blending. This can be used to add grass / flowers on parks, house and road tiles
  • The city builder promotes house tiles to parks if they are not accessible by nearby road tiles
  • Created a Survival Shooter demo variant that runs on a city dungeon created using the city builder
  • Added a Navigation prefab for dungeons created using the city dungeons. Refer the CityShooter sample demo
  • Updated the sample way point generator code to generate waypoints for city dungeons created using the city builder
  • Refactored the namespaces to better organize the code in each builder. This changes now requires you to add (using DungeonArchitect.Builders.Grid) in your custom code if you used the grid builder
  • Added an example demonstrating theme override volumes with the city builder. This enables you to assign different looks on various blocks of your city
  • Fixed all compiler warnings
  • Added tooling support on the theme editor. You can now create your own tools and they would automatically show up in the theme editor's tool menu (Example: DungeonArchitect/Editor/ThemeEditor/Tools/CommonThemeEditorTools.cs)
  • You can now create default markers in your theme file for various builder types (e.g. grid, city, floorplan etc) from the Tool menu of the theme editor
  • Added a Marker Replacement Volume. This volume gives you a lot of low level control on the generated dungeon. You can use this to replace walls with doors at selected places. Refer the user guide for more details
  • Added three new third party demos to create beautiful procedural maps using the City builder (Graveyard, Desert and Cartoon Town). Refer the quickstart guide for more details
  • Moved the Stronghold Wall emitter code into the main city builder itself and the marker emitter is no longer need and should be removed from the dungeon actor to avoid redundant markers

Version 1.3.2

  • Fixed a critical stair bug that was introduced in the earlier version
  • Fixed an issue with room connections in some rare cases
  • Added improvements to the city builder. Houses face the streets. Tile inaccessible to the roads are promoted to Gardens
  • Added 5x5 and 7x7 spatial constraints for for selective control while decorating your themes
  • Added a sample to query the adjacent rooms and corrdiors

Version 1.3.1

  • Fixed adjacent door issue with the grid builder. Added a DoorProximityStep parameter in the dungeon grid config
  • Added a new demo that shows how to query connected rooms and corridors (DungeonArchitect_Samples\Misc_Examples\Scenes\ConnectedCorridors)
  • Added a new type of builder for creating indoor building floor plans (experimental)

Version 1.3.0

  • Fixed spatial constraints for 3D
  • Removed overlapping fence / walls
  • Optimized the nav mesh agent to update at customizable timesteps
  • Added a callback on the navigation build complete event
  • Added an experimental floor plan builder
  • Added spatial constraint sample scene
  • Fixed landscape transformer not painting the room ground textures properly
  • Added tooltips to the Grid configuration fields

Version 1.2.0

  • Spatial constraints allow you to specify meshes selectively based on nearby constraints
  • Added better 2D support with custom 2D markers and spatial constraint support
  • Added a new builder to create levels like Binding of Isaac (check third party demos for more details)
  • Fixed various bugs

Version 1.1.0

  • Added a new builder algorithm for generating simple cities. This also serves as a simple example reference to your own builders
  • Refactored the directory structure to make the builders more modular
  • Added new demo theme files (Outdoor Cliff, Medieval Stronghold etc).
  • Updated survival shooter demo to use these new theme files
  • Added various city builder samples
  • Added an example demonstrating the use of dungeon event listeners and dynamic volume spawning
  • Added various samples that work with third-party assets (Gaia, 3DForge Village Interior / Exterior kit etc). Created an alternate version of the landscape transformer script to beautify Gaia generated terrains

Version 1.0.2

  • Added Indoor demos and Volumes demo for the Candy Theme
  • Fixed System.IO class name clash issues with beta preview version of Unity 5.3.x
  • Added notification in the 2D demo game to disable anti-aliasing to get rid of sprite dark edge artifacts
  • Removed dependecies on custom tags from the 2D and 3D game demos to avoid import issues due to missing tags. The sample games work without tags now

Version 1.0.1

Initial Version